We Also Offer

  • AllPaws Lodge offers competitive daily rates;
  • Reservations exceeding one month qualify for a discount.
  • Feliway available for guests on request *
  • We cater for shorter stays when you need to be away on business.
  • Heating optional in all units during Winter months;
  • Heated beany bags available for beds during winter months and colder evenings
  • Enrichment to stimulate all their senses
  • Sneeze barriers
  • Observation and wellness report on departure of every guest
  • Close proximity to 5 major Veterinary Clinics, and 3 major Veterinary Hospitals offering 24 hour emergency services.
  • Veterinary medicines and Homeopathic remedies catered for and administered.
  • Specific medical diets as advised by your veterinary clinic must be supplied by owner.
  • Natural, Vet approved medication available for cats that are distressed by thunder and storms.
  • All medication administered by experienced staff.

*This is a plug-in diffuser similar to those used to diffuse liquid mosquito repellent. Feliway is a scientifically formulated hormone that mimics the pheromone released by your cat when it is feeling relaxed and secure. Very few stressed out guests do not respond positively to the Feliway.


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