Health and Medical Care

We believe that all guests visiting the lodge are thoroughly loved by their owners and well cared for.  Our guests are fully up to date with annual vaccinations and parasite free. That means that every cat that stays with us has been for a check-up and vaccination by a registered Veterinarian within the last 11 months. It is the owners’ responsibility to see that this is done and to provide proof, in the form of a vaccination booklet. This is to ensure that your cat is not at risk of being exposed to or bringing in contagious diseases whilst in our care.

To ensure that all cats are protected and safe, vaccinations must be up to date and cats should be vaccinated at least 14 days BEFORE arrival. NO exceptions to this rule will be allowed. Deworming and flea/tick treatment prior to arrival is also required.

If, for any reason, your pet cannot be vaccinated, a letter from your vet explaining the reason why must be provided.

No guests will be admitted without this proof.

We reserve the right to admit guests into isolation should they present with any symptoms that could comprise the health of other guests.

All units are cleaned twice a day as hygiene and cleanliness are very important. Each cat’s wellbeing is monitored daily. A good quality litter sand is used. If there are any concerns, there is a vet close at hand.

All guests should be flea free. We reserve the right to treat your cat with Capstar if we find evidence of flea activity. This is a once off, extremely effective and safe tablet. Outdoor time is suspended for 24 hours after treatment, by which time all fleas will have been eliminated.  This treatment is followed up by Frontline.  The cost of the treatment will be added to your account.

Should your pet’s stay at the lodge exceed the active period of the treatment, a second treatment of Frontline will be administered and added to your account.

Please be aware that when you submit your booking form you agree that should your pet need any medical attention we will treat it as one of our own. You agree to be liable for the cost of ANY vet treatment necessary.

We have a vet on call 24 hours a day.

We understand just how difficult it is to part with your beloved pet, even for a few days.  Inspections and visiting of your pets is encouraged and welcomed by prior arrangement. We encourage you to come and view the cattery, meet us and be reassured.

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