About Us

Your feline treasures will love and appreciate a holiday at a country lodge that offers all the luxury and pampering that you look for during a lodge holiday for yourself.

At AllPaws Lodge we offer a luxury hotel for cats with spacious rooms, fine furnishing, with a peaceful environment and stimulating toys.

Each room can comfortably accommodate two to three cats from the same family and offers an individual garden with a veranda, sun decks and grassed area for lounging and playing. The plant selection in the garden was made specifically with our guests in mind. Our rooms also provides inter leading doors should it be required.

It is however important to note that only cats from the same family are allowed to share a room.

Individual playtime, hugs and cuddles with the owner and caring staff makes for a relaxing, loving and happy purring holiday.

The abundant birdlife, roaming chickens and view of the horse stables guarantees interesting and stimulating viewing from the individual gardens, providing a safe, stress-free and clean environment for our valued guests.

Our caring staff has accommodation overlooking the hotel and ensures 24 hour close supervision of the rooms.  The owner lives on the property and has a personal interest and part in the care of all guests.

At AllPaws Lodge, providing loving care, understanding and pampering to feline pets of all ages, shapes, sizes, breeds and needs is a passion.  Excellence in care is a habit.

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